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Article 1 - participation
Participation is only possible on invitation. Bands who wish to receive an invitation can make this known by filling in the application form on this site. Application is possible until the application form is removed from the site. Participation is only final when the entry fee has been transferred before February 1st. After this date, the invitation will have been expired and the organization will have the right to invite another band. The entrance fee is € 350. Entry tickets for band members who wish to listen to other bands are included in the entrance fee and scores for the adjudicators are as well. Tickets for supporters will have to be bought in the venue separately.

Article 2 - Classification of the bands
Participating bands will be divided into three categories:
- Championship section
- 1st section
- 2nd section

Bands that from lower sections can make their interest known. When admitted, the bands will be placed in the 2nd section.

Article 3 - Order of performance
The order of performance will be decided within each group by draw. The draw will take place one and a half hour before the commencement of each group. Each band is required to send a representative to the draw.

Article 4 - Performance
The stage time for all bands is a maximum of 30 minutes. The programme must concist of:
- A contest work of own choice corresponding to the section
- An own choice programme

The program and a percussion setup must be sent to the organization before the 1st of May.
The transfer time between consecutive bands may be 10 minutes at the most. Every band must be able to start its performance 10 minutes after the previous band left the stage. This will be monitored closely. Exceeding will lead to deduction of the score.

All participating band have the opportunity to use the percussion instruments provided. A list of available percussion instruments is available on the site. Participating bands are free to use their own percussion instruments. All placing and clearing activities of both the own percussion and the percussion already on stage, is always part of the band's own playing time. In both the rehearsal room and on stage are sufficient stands available.

Article 5 - Adjudication
Participating bands will be judged by a professional jury (at least two members, isolated) who will evaluate the musical performance of the band.

Article 6 - Prizes
In every section a prize is rewarded for the best performance of the total programme. Additional prizes are awarded in every section for the most innovative programme. This prize will only be awarded if real innovation is achieved by new repertoire, special soloists or otherwise. Finally, a prize will be awarded for the best soloist within a section. This prize will only be awarded when at least three bands have a solo work within their programme.

Article 7 - Liability
The organization is not liable for theft, misplacement, loss or damage to personal effects and/or instruments belonging to participating bands or individual players.

Article 8 - Audio-visual recordings
Participating bands can't claim any rights to photographs, audio- or video recordings made by or on behalf of the organization.

Article 9 - Payment Refunds
Entry fees will only be refunded in the case of calamity as deemed by the organizers.

Article 10 - Exceptional circumstances
The organizers reserve the right to defer from these contest regulations in exceptional circumstances.