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The Dutch Open Brass Band Championships (DOBC) will be held for the seventh time on Saturday, June 8, 2024. On Dec. 1, registration closed for the 2024 championships.

Interest in the event has grown tremendously in recent years. In 2022, the event was organized for the first time in the Oosterpoort Groningen. That was a great success: a record number of bands had registered for the 2023 edition; 20 bands performed there (click here for the results).

The following bands are participating in the upcoming edition:

2nd Division:

  • De Bazuin Oenkerk B
  • De Lofklank - Ureterp
  • Brass Band Düren - Düren (D)
  • Reformed Brass Band Groningen
  • Immanuel - Uithuizermeeden
  • Martini Brass Band - Groningen

1st Division:

  • Braz'art - Harelbeke (B)
  • Gloria Deï - Gerkesklooster
  • Excelsior - Zalk
  • G.A.N.S. - Groningen
  • Art to Power - De Goorn
  • Mercator Brass Band - Boom (B)
  • Exercise & Excitement - Wijk en Aalburg

Championship Division:

  • Brass Band Rijnmond
  • De Bazuin Oenkerk A
  • The Wâldsang
  • Festival Brass Band (B)
  • Provincial Brass Band Groningen
Ticket DOBC

At the DOBC, bands may put together their own 30-minute program. The program must consist of one contest piece of your choice, at the level of the division in which the brass band competes. A supplementary program will be played for the remaining time. The organization encourages participants to play new repertoire. A prize will be awarded in each division for best overall program and best soloist. In addition, there is one prize for the best program of all participants.