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Article 1 - participation
Participation is only possible after receiving a written invitation from the organization. Bands wishing to receive an invitation can express their interest by completing the registration form on this site. Registration is closed when the form is no longer active. After this date, a selection will be made from the interested bands who will then receive an invitation and invoice for the registration fee. The registration is only final when the registration fee is transferred to the account of the organization before February 1. After this date the invitation expires and the organization has the right to invite another band. The amount of the entry fee is 300 Euro. This amount includes tickets for all divisions.
Article 2 - classification of bands
The participating brass bands in the Dutch Open Brass Band Championships will be divided into three divisions:
- Champion Division
- 1st division
- 2nd division
Bands from lower divisions may express their interest in participating and will be assigned to the 2nd division if placed.
Article 3 - order of performance
The order of performing will be determined by drawing lots. This draw will take place an hour and a half before the start of each band. One representative of each band must be present at the draw.
Article 4 - Performance
Each performance may last a maximum of 30 minutes. The program must consist of:
- A contest work of your choice, at the level of the division in which the brass band competes.
- A supplementary program.
The program must be submitted by May 1 through the contact address.
The transfer time between two bands should not exceed 10 minutes (all included). Each band must be able to begin the performance within 10 minutes of its predecessor stepping down. This will be closely monitored: points will be deducted if this rule is not observed. To make the changes go smoothly, bands may use the percussion instruments that are available. A complete list + standard setup can be found on the website. Participating brass bands are free to use their own percussion instruments. The supply and removal of these (including the removal or moving of the organization's percussion present on stage) is always within their own time. Sufficient music stands are available both in the playing area and on stage.
Article 5 - Judging
Judging will be done by a blinded professional jury (of at least two persons) who will judge the musical performance of the band. The result is irrevocable.
Article 6 - prizes
In each division a prize will be awarded to the first three bands for the best overall program. In addition, in each division there is a prize for the most innovative program and - when a solo work has been performed - the best soloist. The prize for the most innovative program will be awarded only when there is real innovation in the form of interesting combinations with soloists, repertoire renewal or otherwise.
Article 7 - Liability
The organization accepts no liability for theft, loss, missing or damaged property and/or instruments of the participating bands and musicians.
Article 8 - audiovisual recordings
Participating bands cannot derive any rights from any photographs, audio or video recordings made during the Dutch Open Brass Band Championships, whether or not on behalf of the organization.
Article 9 - refund of registration fee
The entry fee will only be refunded in case of emergencies. This is at the discretion of the organization.
Article 10 - special cases
In special cases the organization reserves the right to deviate from these rules.